The Stars Are Out

Recent CD Projects | Wednesday, March 4th, 2009

After having worked with Sarah on her previous release, Diamonds in the Dark, we discovered we work very well together. It’s always quite liberating to have a client really trust your judgement and reasoning for specific design choices. When we began working on concepts for, The Stars Are Out, we decided to take a relatively literal approach to this record allowing the logo to live on the cover but in more of a constellation inspired form. Lacking a great image to use as a base, we stepped out the studio’s back door and took a quick shot of the neighboring buildings for comp purposes. Sarah ended up loving the tone of the photograph and felt it complimented the sound of the record perfectly. We ended up shooting quite a few more images of our neighborhood for the interior booklet after hearing Sarah’s enthusiastic response. Sarah had a number of paintings we integrated into the packaging as well, all in all it was quite a team effort (you’ll have to buy a copy of the record yourself when it’s released on March 24th).

In the meantime you can check out their badass new video here [Do It For Free].

BOOKLET-STD J-C{cover+back)


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