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Branding,Recent CD Projects,Recent Logo Projects | Wednesday, July 24th, 2013



We’re happy to announce that we’ve just updated our website with the latest round of featured projects. Head on over to to get the details on the very newest of new projects we’ve been working on.


This Triangle is Impossible

Branding,Recent Logo Projects | Wednesday, June 26th, 2013


JPRiZM is an up and coming producer, emcee, DJ and singer. It’s a top secret project we can’t really talk about. What we can tell you is that we just put the finishing touches on his new logo. The artist pulls inspiration from sci-fi, comic books, video games and urban culture. Our aim was to create a mark that is hip and youthful, while still maintaning three vital design principals: simplicity, geometry and usability. One might think we were tempted to use the full spectrum of color to illustrate the use of a prism. But in the end, a limited color palette created a sense of clarity and restraint. It also proves easier (and more cost effective) to reproduce across various media and merchandise.

Here are several other proposed designs that show the range of options we strive to present for any given logo project:



Blast Off School

Before + After,Recent Logo Projects | Monday, June 3rd, 2013



Our clients at LaunchWare contacted us recently to refresh the Launch Academy logo. Launch Academy offers a 10 week intensive program, transforming 30 eager learners into rising stars within the Boston web development community.

Oddly enough, another designer had repurposed the original LaunchWare rocket to connect the two entities, which made good sense to us. Unfortunately, the execution featured a number of tricks-of-the-design-trade that – as a studio – we don’t typically embrace. We will always advocate for the timeless, 2- D, restrained approach – versus slick beveling, super gradient, solar glare and webtastical sheen – but that’s just us. Within our logo design work, we avoid getting too caught up in current trends, which can eventually make a logo feel dated and require costly re-brands.
After the form and type treatment of the updated logo was approved, we presented a color study for the final logo system, only to have the Launch Academy team embrace the idea of sticking with a simple, one color mark. Classic Black and White.

Previous Logo:


Updated and approved for take-off!



Breathe Deep…

Branding,Recent Logo Projects | Tuesday, May 21st, 2013
Alphabet Arm recently had the pleasure of working with Sage Tonic, an innovative, natural treatment system focused on adolescents. The practice features alternative and complementary treatments for some of the most common day-to-day medical conditions. Sage Tonic identifies each condition and provides remedies based on each of the five senses. They have designed an easy-to-use sensory platform that includes integrative medicine therapies supported by research and clinical data. We were asked to develop a logo that reflected their company’s modern methods, while still alluding to the ancient techniques from which their healing practices are inspired.
After proposing a variety of directions, the logo that Sage Tonic decided most resonated with their vision was an “ST” monogram inspired by ancient East-Asian name seals. The winding form is meant to feel ethereal and calming. It locks cleanly into the symmetrical geometry of a diamond. To contrast this rigidity, we introduced a slightly textured quality. The final color palette makes use of earthy (and sage-y) tones to speak to its antique influences. Stay tuned for business cards, packaging and a set of info cards!

The Tasking of Elasticity.

Recent Logo Projects | Wednesday, April 24th, 2013
We were recently tasked with developing a logo for ElasticTask, a digital application built for technology professionals. To encompass all that the software has to offer, we built a mark that combines a variety of visual concepts into one sleek, modern, and flexible (wink) form. Within the lock-up, we included a three-dimensional box to represent cloud storage, a check mark to emphasize task completion, a hexagonal container to suggest seamless integration, and of course, an “e” initial. Paired with a powerful sans serif, this logo is ready to take on even the most rigid of tasks. Oh – you are interested in seeing some of the other proposed directions – by all means. Do you think ElasticTask chose wisely?

Time To Clean It Up

Before + After,Branding,Recent Logo Projects | Wednesday, April 10th, 2013



Troupe Waste Services, Inc. came to us with a new vision for the future of their brand: Troupe Waste & Recycling. It was important to emphasize their new outlook on sustainability and the environment while maintaining the existing typography that trusting clients have come to recognize for nearly a decade. In order to both modernize and reinvigorate the logo, we tracked out the name and meticulously kerned the letters, elevating the presence of the word mark, and then introduced a single leaf, which along with the complimentary “fresh” green makes it unmistakable that Troupe is looking toward the future. Keep your eyes peeled for beautifully branded barrels, dumpsters and trucks coming to a neighborhood near you!

Prior to our re-brand:




sit boy, sit!

Before + After,Recent Logo Projects | Wednesday, April 3rd, 2013


As a design studio, it is always liberating when a client comes to us who would like to ignore current design trends. Embracing the idea of being original and irreverent while still addressing their target audience is truly music to our ears.

RightPet has cultivated a loyal community of like-minded pet owners who “Share the good, bad and smelly on the animals who’ve owned them. From dogs and cats to insects and livestock, RightPet has owner reviews of them all.”
We entertained a number of design directions for this logo; a rotating cast of pets, typographic options, a magnifying glass wielding canine, fur-covered-fonts, a check box system of appropriate pets… Part of the challenge of rebranding the site was to address all potential pet categories without making one more important than another (the last thing you want is a slighted Coral Snake owner!).

The final solution embraces the ridiculous and unexpected notion of a girl walking her pet elephant – possibly the right pet for her, possibly not for all. Especially if you’ve recently moved into that 7th floor walk up apartment.

Before our re-brand:



We {Heart} Designing for Fellow Creatives

Branding,Recent Logo Projects | Wednesday, March 20th, 2013

As a design studio, we have had the dubious honor of branding / re-branding a number of talented photographers. Such is the case with Brian Hodges, an award winning photographer who’s work has been featured in magazines such as GEO and Conde Nast Traveler. After an initial discussion regarding his desired logo aesthetic, he left us to our work and trusted in our creative process. The end result is a restrained composition driven by a contemporary, minimal monogram that is paired with a simple, stylized type treatment. The mark is intended to compliment the photography without demanding the spotlight.




Lion(ess) Tamers

As much as we love to obsess over typography, that doesn’t mean we can’t get down with a pure illustration gig from time to time. Due the über, stealth nature of this particular project (sorry, you simply don’t have Clearance Level Mach 9), we need to be careful with how much we can share. What we can say is that this illustration was developed for an elementary school in a suburb of the great city of Boston, and it is indeed a lion. A lioness, actually. A lioness wearing a checkered bandana – there, we did it – we already shared too much! Sheesh. Don’t tell them we told ya.



Clean the Heads

Don't Take This Too Seriously,Recent Logo Projects | Wednesday, February 6th, 2013 is a new service born out of the simple idea of keeping digital music tangible. By sending a postcard with a link to a custom playlist, the good people at Mixcard have given new life to the mix tape of yesteryear. The service works by choosing art for the front and creating a customized play list on the back. Once your friend receives the postcard they can follow the link to a digital version of your play list. Keeping this in mind, we went back to the roots of sharable music, the mix tape. Working with the key elements of the tape, we created a logo that is recognizable and slightly nostalgic while also looking clean and updated. Keep your ears perked for more on this one, as these guys are on the verge or taking there site live.

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