Good Morning, Indeed

We were enthusiastic to see some of our business card designs among those featured on CBS Sunday Morning. We’ve been long-time fans of the show and it was awesome to see our designs on screen along with the iconic Sunday Morning sun logo. See the video here.

Here are some screenshots…

Check out the highlighted business cards we’ve designed over the years.


Pedal to the metal

A few months back we wrapped up a new logo design for Joe Wallace Photography. After spending countless hours tweaking the perspective of his Dodge M37 and finessing the shadows to create just the right amount of detail, we wanted to give the same attention and focus to his new office system. You’ll notice we created layers of design elements inspired by passports, luggage tags and other utilitarian materials. We liked the fact that the cards seem to have a voice that suggests Joe is a hard working photographer who get’s it done. Yet, they still maintain an approachable personality and they don’t take themselves too seriously (kind of like Joe, himself).


The toughest clients in the world

As a design studio, one of the greatest challenges can be designing for yourself. The flip side of that coin is that the process can also be extremely liberating. Being free to explore solutions, finishing options and stock that clients may ultimately shoot down. Such was the case with the new Alphabet Arm business cards.We utilized three separate vendors to complete these bad boys: Letterpress cards (220# Cranes Lettra featuring magenta edging) – Mandate Press / Wrap-around Die-Cut Labels (with metallic ink) – Flagship Press / Custom-tooled arrow hole punch – Hole Punch World / Our loyal army of interns have been champions of assembly! And a special thank you to our friendly neighborhood photog Tony Luong for the killer macro shots!
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