Ken likes me. He really, really likes me.

Ken Deckinger was born to be an entrepreneur, it was most likely coded in his DNA. After re-branding his innovative dating start-up, Jess, Meet Ken, we’ve often discussed collaborating on other ventures. Beyond being a loyal Alphabet Arm supporter, Ken just happens to be a peach of a dude. So, when he asked if I would be willing to participate in his new VLOG series – I agreed, with one exception – we create a logotype for the series. He immediately proposed the idea of revealing the logo treatments as the basis of the episode. Plus, he gave me asparagus (okay, he hand picks vegetables or fruits to share with all his guests). You will just have to suffer through the 4:19 minutes to see which logo he selected.



Here are a few of the other proposed logotype options:



Heart of Filth



As a designer, sometimes you have to opportunity to create a visual identity for a cause, brand or service you are passionate about. We consider that a win / win. Such the case with the Wallfilth logotype. If you are even remotely familiar with Alphabet Arm, you probably are familiar with our love affair with Instagram. It just so happens we are drawn to, and tag a great many images with ye olde hashtag > #wallfith. The Wallfilth account itself is a lovingly, curated feed overseen by the talented @shell_kr. The logotype is intended to play off the depth and dimension of a corner of a building. Naturally – the aesthetic of the type treatment needed to compliment the feed’s gritty, peely, textured images. Keeping the legibility and scale top of mind was key, given the fact a great many of the feed’s fans view on a mobile screens. Initially, we debated whether or not the “positive” version (black logotype on white field) was reading better than it’s “negative” counterpart. Ultimately, Team Wallfilth felt they both held up and they are used in conjunction with one another. Like stated previously, win / win.





Lucky (for you) 13

That’s right, all schwag in our Big Cartel store is marked down to just $13.00 (+shipping). Alphabet Arm has been kicking it for thirteen years, and on this fine day of March 13th, it makes perfect sense to celebrate and offer you the deal of a lifetime (okay, maybe the deal of a lunchtime). Check it out!



Official Release : Day 1



Sundays are magical for a number of reasons… sleeping in, glorious brunches, professional football tournaments, and of of course, just one day before the new and improved is released into the wild.

– Team Alphabet Arm


Official Release : Day 2



The weekend has come, but that does not stop our countdown, just two days left before our new website goes live. Stay tuned for the launch on Monday!

– Team Alphabet Arm


Official Release : Day 3



The fully official, officially licensed, completely official countdown continues for the launch of our new website! We appreciate your continued patience and enthusiasm, now just three days left. Stay tuned for the launch next Monday!

– Team Alphabet Arm


Official Release : Day 4



It’s official, the new website countdown continues! We know it can be difficult to wait, but there are just four days left. Stay tuned for the launch next Monday!

– Team Alphabet Arm


Official Release : Day 5


It’s official, the new website countdown has begun! We know it can be difficult to wait, but there are just five days left. Stay tuned for the launch next Monday!

– Team Alphabet Arm


The Dot Coms



That’s right friends, we have exciting news to report, Alphabet Arm is merely days away from launching our brand new web portfolio. It’s been completely re-engineered, re-built and re-loved. Fear not, The Bloggery will also have it’s share of upgrades shortly! Stay tuned for the full launch announcement!


get up and glo…


Glomag is the name, funky fashion is the game. Gloria Magale recently took her fun, personal, fashion project to a new level with an official brand: Glomag. Alphabet Arm worked with Gloria to refine the company name, and create a unique, cost effective, branding system. We developed hang tags, rubber stamps, apparel hem tags and a beefy set of 34pt. business cards which feature edge painting.




When tasked with creating a mark that captured the edgy nature of Gloria’s clothing, we pulled inspiration from the clothes themselves. After a review of the line, we picked up on the common use of oversized flowers which felt like a bold differentiator to our eyes. We embraced the vibrance and overall shape of the flower when creating the logo, and developing the Glomag color palate. The type treatment was inspired by graffiti and black letter letterforms. The sum of the parts harmoniously create a beautiful, feminine, and edgy brand system.

Here are a few of our favorite additional Glomag logo treatments that didn’t not make the final cut:






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