Heart of Filth



As a designer, sometimes you have to opportunity to create a visual identity for a cause, brand or service you are passionate about. We consider that a win / win. Such the case with the Wallfilth logotype. If you are even remotely familiar with Alphabet Arm, you probably are familiar with our love affair with Instagram. It just so happens we are drawn to, and tag a great many images with ye olde hashtag > #wallfith. The Wallfilth account itself is a lovingly, curated feed overseen by the talented @shell_kr. The logotype is intended to play off the depth and dimension of a corner of a building. Naturally – the aesthetic of the type treatment needed to compliment the feed’s gritty, peely, textured images. Keeping the legibility and scale top of mind was key, given the fact a great many of the feed’s fans view on a mobile screens. Initially, we debated whether or not the “positive” version (black logotype on white field) was reading better than it’s “negative” counterpart. Ultimately, Team Wallfilth felt they both held up and they are used in conjunction with one another. Like stated previously, win / win.





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