Lounging with the Logos

Hey, We're Published,Recent Logo Projects | Tuesday, December 29th, 2015

Heck yes! What an ideal way to wrap up to 2015, LogoLounge just released the 9th volume of their renowned logo design series – and wouldn’t you know – five of Alphabet Arm’s logo projects made the cut?!?! Its always a kick to have our visual identity work recognized and published. Big congrats to our clients, Promoboxx, G2 Tech Group, Heart, Panoptes and Bridj. Happy 2016 to you and yours (perhaps we can develop your new identity that just might make LogoLounge 10!).



Just what the doctor(s) ordered…

Before + After,Recent Logo Projects | Wednesday, December 23rd, 2015

ZappRx has revolutionized how specialty drugs are delivered. ZappRx offers a secure online, collaborative platform that allows patients, health care professionals and pharmacists to work together to deliver specialty medications faster.ZappRx

Their visual identity needed to reinforce this innovative platform with a forward-facing, clean, and energetic aesthetic. A healthy color palette was also prescribed – and there you have it – looking better already!



Uber Rides = Good for Business

Last March, I was in an Uber headed to the airport leaving the frigid winds of Boston behind for a week in California. As one typically finds while riding in an Uber, the conversation was inspired and interesting. Turns out, the driver was a savvy, Haitian entrepreneur biding his time until he launched his coffee + produce import company.

As he handed me his business card, he immediately apologized for the quality of printing and paper stock (note to budding entrepreneurs, it doesn’t make for the most confident, first impression when you apologize right out of the gate for your branding + materials). As you might imagine, the conversation quickly changed once he asked what my chosen profession was. He mentioned his need for packaging design, and by the end of the trip we had plans to scrap the existing visual identity (and business cards) and develop an entirely new aesthetic. After learning more about his vision for the company and what differentiates them from the competition, we decided to add “Naturals” to the company name. Here is the updated Horizon Vert Naturals visual identity and business cards:






Logo prior to re-branding:HVNoldscan



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