Logo tune-up

Recent Logo Projects | Wednesday, October 27th, 2010

Check out the brand spankin’ new logo we just designed for Joe Wallace Photography. Joe is a charmingly off-centered, quirky, fun guy… but he’s still a pro and shoots a hell of a nice photo. We all agreed it makes perfect sense to have his logo be unique and  unexpected in order to compliment his personality.

Joe actually owns and drives a 1957 Dodge M37. In our first meeting we casually through out the idea of the truck itself  being Joe’s new logo. It was sort of a joke at first, but Joe really liked the concept and so did we. One of our favorite qualities of this logo is that it seems to tell a story about Joe Wallace Photography. It suggests a sense of adventure and a roll-your -sleeves-up-and-get-to-work kind of attitude. Not to mention, it’s kind of like driving your logo around town… a thought that we can definitely relate to at the studio.



Recent Logo Projects | Wednesday, October 20th, 2010

Andrew Mitchell & Company, LLC is a residential real estate brokerage headquartered in Concord, MA that provides smart and innovative real estate services for today’s evolving market. We just completed the design of their snazzy new logo. The name of the company itself comes from the middle names of the two founders — an energetic and fun duo, for sure. Although we wanted the logo to have a classic look, we also felt it was important to capture their fresh approach to real estate. In other words, classic but not pretentious.
We spent more time than we’d like to admit customizing and tweaking the bespoke typography to create an elegant, interlocking A and M. One of the most challenging aspects to the design brief was to create a logo that was flexible enough to work in horizontal, vertical and even square formats. New AM&CO lawn signs coming to a neighbor’s yard near you.


It’s Alive!

Calendar Insert,Other Work We're Stoked About | Wednesday, October 13th, 2010

We admit it, we’re total suckers for Halloween. The challenge became how to creatively integrate a calendar into a frighteningly familiar horror icon? That’s easy—design the calendar to be used as a mask. With the help of our good friends and collaborators, Flagship Press, we even went so far as to perforate the eyes and nose to make the mask actually wearable.

Do you happen to be one of those people that doesn’t wear a costume to the office party because you couldn’t get it together in time? Fine, we did the work for you… just grab a string, and strap this bad boy on. We also recommend a couple of bolts and a black turtleneck sweater. Arghhhhh!


Just a little off the top…

Recent Poster Project | Wednesday, October 6th, 2010

We often work closely with The Boston Conservatory to design posters for their stage productions. This time, the Halloween inspired show is Sweeney Todd, The Demon Barber of Fleet Street. We were going for simple and striking with a bit of victorian elegance. The bloody barber pole seems like a perfect metaphor for the main character of the musical… besides, we never miss an opportunity to make a drippy mess of ink on paper. And while the barber pole is the “punch line” for the poster, creating the ornate framework for the type treatment turned out to be just as creatively satisfying.


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