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Other Work We're Stoked About | Wednesday, June 30th, 2010

Here is a look at some buttoned-up print materials we developed for the Harvard Medical School. We designed a modular system that is flexible enough to apply to various formats and sizes. The grid we employed works well with photography as well as large blocks of copy. Obviously, we were sure to use good old Harvard Crimson throughout. Don’t tell Ryan’s brother about this piece, he went to Brown.


“Dude, you must seriously like the alphabet, right?”

In a word, yes – yes we do. Which is why famed author Ina Staltz asked one of us (can you guess who?) to be part of the second volume of her Body Type series. The book collects over two hundred new typographic tattoos and explores the ideas and emotions behind this indelible commitment.  This stunning photography collection features commentary on the letterforms as well as personal recollections by the tattooed on the motivations for their decided words. Order your copy here. Special thanks to the talented Janet King who shot the images for us.



Other Work We're Stoked About | Thursday, June 24th, 2010

Like many of our clients, we’ve developed a long standing relationship with our friends NRG BAR. This is both convenient for our clients — because they know and trust us — and exciting for us to design new ways to promote their business. Recently, we developed the artwork that wraps the NRG BAR company vehicle. We jumped at the chance to emblazon the Land Rover with the vibrant color palette and lightning bolts that are the cornerstones of the brand. If you happen to see bright orange, yellow and blue SUV streak by, do your best to catch up and ask for a sample… you’ll be glad you did.


The Skyler’s the Limit

Recent CD Projects | Wednesday, June 16th, 2010

How do you present a new artist to the world without succumbing to the typical, silly headshot-on-the-cover of an album or EP? By making everyone (read: Artist, Management, Label, etc.) happy by fusing said artist or band into a slightly more engaging setting. Obviously we wish we could report that we had the budget + time to hire a muralist to paint Skyler’s new logo 15′ wide on a beatifuly weathered wall then call on savvy, local photographer, Tony Luong, to capture it all. Not the case my friends, this cover became a labor of love in Photoshop. Peep the details.



Calendar Insert | Wednesday, June 9th, 2010

June is here and that means that we’re at the halfway point of the year and our calendar project. It also means that summer is has finally arrived — and what’s more reminiscent of summertime than a makeshift robot dancing in the sunshine? We created our boombox-BBQ-android by making a collage of clippings from old magazines and catalogues. We asked Flagship Press to print the metallic spot colors on uncoated paper, Strathmore Grandee in Blazer blue. The textured stock gives a nice understated quality and has a rich tactile feel that demands to be handled.


Newest member of the intern army

Don't Take This Too Seriously | Wednesday, June 2nd, 2010

“Be daring, be different, be impractical, be anything that will assert integrity of purpose and imaginative vision against the play-it-safers, the creatures of the commonplace, the slaves of the ordinary.”

– Cecil Beaton

Designing is a major part of my life and I have a great passion for what I want to do. I love what I do and that gives me the drive to work hard and submerge myself in anything and everything design. I’ve been interested in the arts and design since I was young.

So I’ve got a little nerdy side… I taught myself HTML code when I was 11 and used to make websites using the good old notepad on my Windows 2000. That’s what pretty much started the idea of what I wanted to do in my future. My name is Nicole and I’m known as NickyGee here with the guys. I’m from Canton, Mass and I go to Ringling College of Art + Design in Sarasota, Florida for Graphic Design. I am truly a Boston girl and I definitely miss the cold weather and city life when I’m down south. At Alphabet Arm, I’m here to learn more about design, grow through skills I am starting to develop, and be introduced to all different perspectives of design. This is my second week here and I have already learned so much! The guys have been more than welcoming and I’ve been loving everyday in the studio. They might make fun of me from time to time because I’m not a big fan of the look and smell of ketchup with (scrambled) eggs or the fact that I think I’m telling this great story and it turns out to be a big fail on my part; but I love how comfortable it is to work and have fun here. I love Star Wars, digital collaging, checking out design blogs 24/7, and music. I love pretty much all kinds of music. Currently my playlists are focused around: experimental, alternative, folk, indie, hardcore, and DJ/electro/techno/house (my friends are DJ’s). I also minoring in photography which is a huge asset to my work. I am mostly into portrait and beauty/fashion photography. I am working at infusing the two skills to enhance my work and train my eye to view art in different perspectives.

I’m working on a number of different projects thus far; logos, business cards, retail coupons, and marketing materials to name a few. I’m excited for what will come and how much I am going to learn and grown from this experience.

Hit me up an email if you’d like! nicole@alphabetarm.com

If you want to read all about what’s going on everyday, check us out on twitter: twitter.com/alphabetarm

I’ll end this with some inspirational words from master Yoda: “Try not. Do or do not…there is no try. Always in motion is the future.”


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