A Literary Magazine For Your Ears

The Drum is a new online literary magazine. They publish short fiction, essays, and author interviews in audio form. Here is the age old project description: honor the history and create classic look, while evoking a modern sensibility. Although literature can be serious business, we wanted the mark to convey The Drum as approachable and unpretentious. A unique, decidedly modern interpretation on graphic elements typical of vintage book design gives this identity a voice of contemporary sophistication. We also did a business card design and the lovely bright white Via felt textured paper does a great job of echoing that point.

What seemed like a really fun and interesting identity project turned out to be just that. It’s nice to know our client also enjoyed the process. Henriette, the magazine’s editor had this to say:

Alphabet Arm did a wonderful job of explaining the logic behind the team’s decisions as they created my logo through various drafts. It was clear that every element they put into the design came out of considerable thought—about how the logo would work in different environments or media…. The whole process was very smooth, efficient, and quite fascinating. I ended up with a logo I really like and that people really respond to.”


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