Don't Take This Too Seriously | Wednesday, April 29th, 2009


For the first time since we started this blog we don’t have anything to show you… and we can’t even blame it on the economy! In fact, we’re insanely busy (which we’re quite thankful for)! At the moment we have 7 logo projects, 7 office systems, 8 collateral pieces and 2 album packages all in various forms of completion. Oh, and on top of that we are branding a super-hip music festival at Red Rocks. We are very excited about developing the visual compliment to the always stellar lineup at the Monolith Festival.


Sounds We’re Digging: Chris v.7

Sounds We're Digging | Wednesday, April 29th, 2009

Kid Cudi – Dat Kid From Cleveland
Doves – Kingdom of Rust
K-OS – Yes!
Adrian Champion – Stars & Stripes
Handsome Furs – Face Control


Safety for your nest

While a myriad of products exist to help parents ensure the safety of their children, many are only marginally functional and most are visually unappealing. Enter Rhoost: an inventive start-up, who have developed a line of furniture safety accessories that are functional while being complimentary to the urban household.

Our take on their identity was to echo the company’s mindset and keep it simple, yet stylish. We opted to develop a logotype from the ground up and integrated a Swiss-inspired stencil set (if you will). Now for some design lingo + insight: while we were exploring the stencil counter option, we kept the base letters in purple (randomly) to keep track of each letter’s progress. When the heavy lifting was finished, the final form of the logo in purple felt like a perfect match. Fortunately, both of the Rhoost co-founders agreed. If only color selection was always this effortless.

We thought lovely letterpress business cards would compliment the logotype perfectly. Our friends at The Mandate Press did them justice!

Rhoost logo

Rhoost business card



Recent Logo Projects | Wednesday, April 15th, 2009

We recently finalized the redesign of the ArtsBoston logo. The objective of the project was to give a unique identity to a “robust, online calendar featuring information about theatre, music, dance, visual arts, opera, arts classes, comedy, film, programming for kids, lectures, readings, and free events across Greater Boston.” From the project’s onset, we were careful to choose a form that wasn’t specific to one single type of performing art, yet referenced them all. The concept chosen was inspired by the forms of stage spotlights. In the end, the mark itself is quite abstract — a quality we thought worked well with the broad range of ArtsBoston.



Tie one on

Don't Take This Too Seriously | Wednesday, April 15th, 2009

In these tough economic times, when the Man’s trying to take the shirt off your back, we’ve got something to keep you covered. It also happens to be just the thing to wear on your next job interview. All you have to do is answer this simple trivia question:

Which of the logos/brands that we’ve designed also features a dapper gentleman, similarly dressed in a fetching bow-tie? Here’s a hint: take a look at our portfolio.

Whoever posts the correct answer first, via the comments on this post (e-mails don’t count, kids) will win themselves a fashionable ABC® Tuxedo shirt in the color of their choice*. Make sure you include your e-mail, so we know what to tell the Pony Express. And just so you know, this is the first in a series of give-away promotions, where we’ll be giving out a shirt each time we add one to the store. The Bloggery subscribers (join now) will get advance notice and details on each contest before it goes live.

ABC Tuxedo shirt

* As long as it’s black.


Somebody’s watching

Hey, We're Published | Wednesday, April 15th, 2009

Business cards are both one of our favorite things to design, and one of our greatest design challenges. There is so much information in each card, they say so much about the owner, and they are an interesting way for your work to circulate. So with all of that hanging over our heads, it was no easy task to design our own cards. We’re pretty happy with them though, and they tend to generate conversations when we meet people. It seems somebody’s taking notice, though, as the site Card Observer is showcasing our cards on their site. Take a look.
Card Observer ABC business card showcase


Prize-winning hog

Here at Alphabet Arm, we’re not glory seekers. We no narcissists, always looking for the limelight. Although, when we do get some props, it is freakin’ sweet.

As we write this, Communication Arts has a feature in their exhibit section on the BzzGuide that we recently did for the The National Pork Board. It was a fun guide to work on, and we don’t think it’s too boastful to say that it turned out rather well.

Communication Arts - The National Pork Board BzzGuide in the Exhibit section


Are you ready to Rumble?

Press | Wednesday, April 8th, 2009

For the 5th year, Alpbabet Arm is involved with the WBCN Rock N’ Roll Rumble. As we’ve done in the past, we provide the Grand Prize winner with a complimentary CD Art Direction package. Not only will they win a hoard of recording time to work on their record, we’ll make sure they look pretty too! Lucky them huh? Winners in the past have included The Gentlemen, Dresden Dolls and Township.

WBCN Rock ’n’ Roll Rumble logo


Raising the stakes

Recent Logo Projects | Wednesday, April 1st, 2009

Poker Affiliate Programs is a company that helps to market, draw traffic, and increase revenue to other online gambling sites. They are in the process of a rebrand, and brought us on board to help with their identity. Inspired by the ornamentation on the backs of cards, their new identity is rather removed both from the world of typical gambling site and web 2.0 logos.  As with all of the identities that we create, this identity is multifaceted. The system is comprised of a main logo, a type-only version, and a logo bug that is displayed on affiliated sites.

Poker Affiliate Programs main logo

Poker Affiliate Programs type logo

Poker Affiliate Programs logo bug


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