The American Soul & Rock & Roll Choir Merch

New Merch Design | Wednesday, January 28th, 2009

When we got the call to develop merch designs and a potential logo to brand a musical, we were rather excited. Then we heard the name, The American Soul & Rock & Roll Choir. Naturally, we asked, “you don’t have anything a little longer?” Kidding aside, that’s what we do here at Alphabet Arm, solve visual problems creatively. Given the classic collection of songs, we opted to develop some designs that felt visually complimentary. For one of the treatments we developed a type treatment honoring old broadway marquee signs and lovingly weathered it. We opted to go clean and roadster emblem-like for another direction. Ultimately, both were approved!





Eat Healthy Live Healthy

Other Work We're Stoked About,Recent Logo Projects | Wednesday, January 21st, 2009

In an increasingly crowded market, NRG BAR differentiates its product by using only all-natural ingredients to create a snack that’s good for you and also really tasty. Definitely not mono-glycero whatsits or yellow #47 in these bad boys, and any samples that get left around the studio disappear quickly. They also stand out in part due to a powerful logo that we designed for them.

NRG BAR logo

We also designed the packaging for the individual bars and the display box. Our friend Tony Luong helped us out by shooting the packaged bars, along with some of the ingredients that are in each flavor. These shots will get used in some promotional materials and on the client’s website.

NRG BAR Lemon Flax

NRG BAR Chocolate Coconut

NRG BAR Cranberry Almond

NRG BAR Pumpkin Ginger


A Face for Radio

Don't Take This Too Seriously | Wednesday, January 21st, 2009

Our fearless leader, Aaron Belyea was interviewed this morning by Jim Blasingame on his XM Radio show, Small Business Advocate. Want to check it out?


All Wrapped Up

Recent Logo Projects | Wednesday, January 14th, 2009

Breaking new ground in the sphere of virtual gifts, Viximo is already one of the leaders in the field. We helped them to establish their brand with a new logotype. Through several rounds of iteration, they chose a bespoke typeface whose simplicity allows for clear reading.

The goals and direction for this project were a bit different from many of the identity projects that we work on in that it focused on a logotype without an icon. Since we did a lot of type creation from the ground up, we thought we’d give everybody a peek at some of the other directions that we presented to the client.

Viximo logo

Viximio logo concepts


Channing Johnson

Recent Logo Projects | Wednesday, January 7th, 2009

Channing Johnson is a photographer out of Boston, he is widely known as a wedding photographer, but also works as a photojournalist. He came to us a few weeks ago for a new logo design. We worked on a number of treatments for him that each tried to suggest photography without falling into the usual trappings.

Lucky for us, Channing was pleased with all of the logos we created for him and was able to narrow them down to two. The first option strikes a balance between something that would work for a wedding photographer, but also have some grit and edge—speaking to the “bearing witness” style of a photojournalist. Letting our imagination get ahead of ourselves, we imagined this being something that was found stamped onto some documents or photographs. The second option was the slightly safer solution. It expresses the idea of photography though the beams of light and also is reminiscent of an eye. 

In the end, we let Channing think about it over the last week. He went with his gut feeling and chose option 1. 



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