eBumper by Panoptes

After Market Drone Safety Software
Visual Identity & Packaging Design

Avoiding collisions and looking good doing it.

Panoptes engineers products that provide collision protection to unmanned aircraft.
Named for the Greek mythological being who could see with one hundred eyes, the Panoptes initial technology product (named eBumper, logotype also created by Alphabet Arm) uses a sophisticated set of sensors — or eyes — to keep the aircraft out of harm’s way in a windy or cluttered environment. Our logo embraces the idea of an all-seeing eye which creates a “bubble” of safety around the drone. The eBumper packaging design draws inspiration from the thoughtful integration that the product itself employs. Pairing that inspiration with a restrained, simple layout, a pop of branding color palette and a lovely matte varnish. In short, we’d like to think this packaging delivers (take that Amazon!).