Big Honcho Media

Marketing Agency
Visual Identity & Branding

10 year anniversary present? A re-brand of course!

Alphabet Arm has previously created marketing materials, an office suite, digital assets and sales presentations for Big Honcho Media. The New York based boutique marketing agency specializes in Radio Campaigns, Television Promotions, and Online Publicity & Promotions. As they began the celebration of the agency's 10-year anniversary, they hired Alphabet Arm to create a brand new visual identity. After developing an array of initial logotype studies, monograms and type treatments, the partners of Big Honcho felt the custom script spoke to their own visual sensibilities and would resonate with their client base. A great deal of finessing of letters then ensued, and in the end, we bézier-curved the bejesus out of that logotype! A deep and exhaustive color study followed until all the key aspects of the re-brand were in place. Alphabet Arm then worked closely with the partners to design a set of restrained and geometric patterns to employ across their office system and a new round of marketing materials. Happy Anniversary, ya big honcho!